Knauz Vehicle Storage

Chicago's North Shore Premier Vehicle Storage Facility

Knauz Vehicle Storage is home to one of the area's leading exotic and collectible vehicle storage facilities. Located minutes from our 30+ acre Knauz Autopark our storage facility is a climate controlled and protected by a sprinkler system that is monitored and inspected.  With over 150 vehicles in our facility we are home to everything from classic, vintage vehicles to some of the most recent exotic vehicles. When you choose Knauz as your storage garage you can rest assured your vehicle will be handled with the greatest care available. Vehicles are housed in a secured location with limited access by Knauz employees and monitored by our security company. Please call Diane at 847-283-8261 if you have any questions. 

Read Our Storage Agreement and Pricing Structure

Secure Garaging

Whether you're traveling abroad or storing your vehicles through the winter, our storage is a perfect and secure place to park your car. We treat our clients and their cars with the privacy they deserve and the security they expect. Our private client list, secluded location and secure garaging is the storage facility that you'd invent for your own cars.

Temperature Controlled indoor storage environment. 

We're passionate about cars and know the ins and outs of car storage. Our heated garage is key to keeping the cars in pristine condition through our harsh Chicago winters. Be it long-term or short-term, you can rest assured that your valuable investment is warm and cozy when it's snowing outside. We'll care for your car as if it's our own!

Pickup and Drop Off by Appointment

We understand how important ease of use at a storage facility can be. We are willing to meet your schedule for pick up and drop off during normal business hours. As a courtesy, please give us 24 hours' notice for your car to be removed We've been in your shoes before, so just give us a call and we'll work with you to make dropping off or retrieving your car the easiest part of your day. Please call in advance to schedule your pick up or drop-off.

Read Our Storage Agreement and Pricing Structure

How we prepare your vehicle for storage

  • Complete vehicle inspection with photos upon drop off/
  • Wash your vehicles exterior and vacuum your vehicle interior upon drop off and pick up of your vehicle. 
  • Raise your tire pressure to help prevent flat spots
  • We add fuel stabilizing additives to your full fuel tank to prevent the gas from oxidizing and deteriorating. You must fill your tank prior         to dropping off, an empty or low fuel tank can rust internally as moisture accumulates.
  • In storage your vehicle will be attached to a battery tender. 

Our mission is simple: To offer reasonable indoor, secure car storage to preserve your investments from the elements and give you peace of mind. Our business was built by car people for car people!

What is required to rent a storage space for my classic car or luxury vehicle?

  • A copy of title and registration as proof of ownership of the stored vehicle;
  • Proof of insurance for your stored vehicle or a signed letter indicating that you understand that Knauz Auto Storage does not provide any coverage on your stored vehicle;
  • Emergency contact information
  • A set of keys to your vehicle, including gas and wheel locks if needed
  • Vehicle cover if requesting the vehicle to be covered
  • A preferred payment method for your vehicle storage account; Major credit card kept on file.
  • A list of designated persons authorized to store or remove the stored vehicle with copies of identification for each

What sorts of vehicles can be stored at your facility?

The majority of the cars stored at our facility are antique cars, classic cars, exotic cars, and other collectible investment vehicles. We provide enclosed climate controlled secure storage for a variety of different kinds of vehicles.

Why should I store my vehicles at Knauz Auto Storage?
Knauz Auto Storage is owned by a luxury car dealer, car collector and car enthusiast. We specialize in the care and storage of antique, classic, exotic, and investor automobiles and can give your car the best secure, climate controlled car storage available anywhere. Our staff and facility will store your car with the care that only fellow car enthusiasts can give it.

Optional services to consider:

  • Battery replacement, especially if your current battery is over three years old.
  • Vehicle detail, a complete vehicle detail will help minimize vehicle deterioration and corrosion during storage by removing road grit,           acid rain residue, road salt and tree sap
  • Prior to storage, have any needed mechanical or body repairs performed
  • We offer air brushing for minor scratches
  • We offer Wheel Repairs
  • We offer Glass repair and replacement
  • Change oil and filter before storage
  • Flush and replace fluids, such as brake and engine coolant
  • Inflate tires with Nitrogen to help prevent wheel corrosion
  • Need a vehicle cover? Ask our staff about one prior to storage