Knauz Autos Reminds You to Wax Your New or Used Vehicle Regularly!



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Here at Knauz Auto Group we are all about providing the population of Lake Bluff, Illinois with quality cars. We'd like to think that every person treats their car like we do. So in the hopes of being helpful and continuing to provide excellent customer service to our patrons, we'd like to share some car-maintenance tips. Specifically, we want to remind you of the importance of maintaining your paint's finish by way of regular washing and waxing.

Waxing: Not Just for Faded, Used Cars

Sometimes people ask us: "my car is new, why do I need to wax it?". Good question. Just because your car is new or nearly new and the paint looks good doesn't mean waxing is any less important than if it was pre-owned. Aside from proving lustre to the paint, waxing also creates a protective barrier against the elements - which is why here at Knauz we recommend doing it at least once at the end of every season. Your car will thank you. And down the line, when your car is looking like-new and your friends' cars are looking tired, you'll thank us too.

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