Spotting the Warning Signs of a Failing Car Battery

Being the victim of a dead battery is never a fun experience, which our staff at Knauz Auto Park can detest to. When you are able to quickly identify when the battery in the vehicle is about to fail, you will lessen the likelihood you are going to be stuck on the side of the road waiting for someone to come help. Pay attention to a few of the more common signs that the car battery is going to fail:

  • If you try to use the car horn, you will notice that the sound appears to be very weak.
  • The car check-engine light stays on now all the time you're driving.
  • The casing that holds the battery has become swollen and has a very strong odor.
  • The car now needs an occasional jump to get started.
  • The headlights are very dim once you start your vehicle.
  • Your can engine cranks slowly when the car is started.

Now that you have identified the trouble, our team of service experts can easily replace your battery when the time calls for it. When you're in need, be sure to stop in the Lake Bluff area for your service solution!

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