Utilizing Apple CarPlay in Your BMW Vehicle


Once you've connected your iPhone to your BMW vehicle and enabled CarPlay all CarPlay-enabled functions will work. You can use either a controller or touchscreen if equipped to access all functions. To utilize hands free command technology, press the iSpeech button on your BMW's steering wheel (bottom right, looks like a microphone) for two seconds. Then, simply dictate to Siri what you want to say. Alternatively, you can press the home button in the CarPlay menu of your touchscreen.

If you want to play music, select the music icon on your BMW's touchscreen. You can stream radio, but while driving, certain functions onscreen will be limited, unless you press the "media" button on your iDrive controller.

Maps can be utilized on your Apple CarPlay, too. Pressing Destinations will take you to points of interest searches. Note that the head-up display will not display your maps, however, the iDrive display in the center of your dashboard will. If you want to write or read new messages using Siri, simply press the messages icon and say what you want your text message to say.

Hope this helped! For all other questions, please refer to your BMW owner's manual.

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